Saturday, February 14, 2015

Women's Casual and Formal Dresses

Women's casual, formal and wedding dresses are hard to pick out. You have so many options now with the Internet that it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Shopping for a dress online can be both fun and convenient, but you need to be prepared. The following tips will help you get the right dress for the right price.

Women's Casual and Formal Dresses

Know Measurements
Before you start scouring the Internet for women's dresses you should take and record your measurements. Measure your bust, waist and hips. You may want to measure your upper arms and the length of your arms and legs. These measurements will help you find a dress you love that fits right.

Return Policy
Before you buy a dress check the return policy for the site you are shopping. Some online stores have a generous return policy while others are more stringent. Optimally you want to pick a site that allows for 7-14 days time to return the dress. Some sites will even put a return shipping label in their packaging so you don’t have to pay money to return the dress.

Read the Fine Print
Don’t just go by the picture of the dress. Read the print that goes along with the dress. What kind of fabric is the dress made of. What are the fine details of the dress. This can all be found in the print that goes along with the dress.

Comparison Shop
You have the world at your finger tips so it makes no sense not to take advantage of it. Look on more than one site before purchasing a dress. Compare prices and available styles.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses and party dresses are becoming increasingly popular. Short dresses are now worn for formal occasions like proms and weddings. Not sure if you can pull off a short style dress? Well keep reading because we will tell you how you can wear a short dress without looking or feeling overexposed.

Short Wedding Dresses

Avoid Excess Cleavage You are already showing off your legs so you want to keep the rest of you covered up. Keep your cleavage to a minimum. If you look to busty it will make the skirt look too aggressive.   Knees Together When you are wearing a shorter dress you need to be mindful not to show your underwear. When you sit down keep your knees together.   Bend at the Knees When you need to pick something up off the floor keep your knees together and bend at the knees. You want to keep your hemline level so you avoid exposing yourself.

Wear Stockings Not quite ready to bare your legs? Wear stockings. Stockings will make your legs look more even in color. Black stockings add a touch of drama.   Short or Tight Pick and Chose You want to go short or tight, but not both. If you want a super short dress, consider getting a skirt with more room in it.

The Right Shoe To make you legs look the best they can it is advisable to wear a pair of high heels. Chunkier heals will make your legs look thicker. Flats are okay if you already have long legs.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fashion Design Graduation Dresses

Graduation is a great day to celebrate, it marks both a new beginning and it honors the work you have put in to get there. It is a special occasion so you want to look good. For your graduation day you want to look formal, but not look like you are walking a red carpet. Knowing more about fashion design graduation dresses will help you pick the ideal outfit for your big day.

Fashion Design Graduation Dresses

Choose Dress
You will want to look cute on your big day especially because there will be pictures to remind you of your outfit. You don’t want to wear something that is too tight. Fitted is one thing, but skin tight is another thing entirely. Your dress should be cute, but conservative. You may also want to consider going with a sleeveless since you will be wearing a gown over top of your dress.

Choose Shoes
You want to be comfortable on graduation day so you need to keep this in mind when you are picking shoes. Remember, you will be walking, standing, sitting and posing for pictures. A wedge heel is a good idea for a graduation day shoe. A wedge heel is dressed up, but it offers more support than a traditional high heel. Plus, they are more dressed up than flats.

Choose Accessories
If you graduation ceremony is going to be outside you will need to pick a pair of matching sun glasses. When it come to jewelry you don’t want to over do it. Pick one or two statement pieces.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrity Dresses for Fashion Ladies

Want to look like your favorite starlet, celebrity dresses can be worn by the masses. Many designers are inspired by what they see on the red carpet. So it makes it easier to find affordable dresses that look like the dresses you saw on your favorite celebrities when they walked the red carpet. Knowing the most popular red carpet dresses will help you decide what look is best for you.

Celebrity Dresses

Blake Lively
Blake Lively’s Burgundy prom dress is one of the most popular red carpet dresses. She wore the flowing gown at Cannes in 2014.

Kate Hudson
On the cover of her movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Kate is wearing an amazing yellow evening gown.The dress is perfect for a prom, or another black tie occasion.

In 2013 Rihanna wore a stunning red ball gown to the Grammys. The gown is ideal for a prom.

Sarah Hyland
The Modern Family star kept it fresh and youthful when she wore this two-piece stunner to the 2014 Emmy s. The form fitting shirt with the full ball gown skirt is ideal for a prom or black tie occasion.

Kate Middleton
Want to look like a princess for a day? Try wearing the blue prom gown that Kate Middleton wore to the London Olympic Gala.

Kim Kardashian
Looking for the perfect party dress? Consider the white lace two-piece dress that Kim Kardashian wore to her birthday party in 2013.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift wore a stunning white beaded gown to a charity gala at Kensington Palace.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Large Selection of Wedding Dresses in Los Angeles

Just because a store has a large selection of wedding dresses in Los Angeles doesn’t mean its the right store to shop at. There are many different things to consider when you are shopping for a wedding dress. The following advice will help you find the right dress for your big day.

Wedding Dresses

Shopping Partners You want to shop with a trusted friend or relative. Consider taking your mom, best friend, or your future mother in law. Avoid taking too many people. Too many opinions can make it tough to shop.

Finding the Dream Dress The best thing you can do to zero in on that dream dress is keep an open mind. If you have to narrow a scope you might miss out on a dress that looks perfect on you. A dress that looks horrible on the hanger might look great on you.

Shades of White There are endless shades of white to choose from when you are selecting your wedding dress. Pure white only looks good on darker skin tones. Diamond white looks good on most skin tones and it is one of the more popular choices when it comes to wedding dresses. Try a few different shades of white to see which you like best with your complexion.

Finding your Dress for Less Wedding dresses are expensive, so how do you get one for a price that won’t break the bank. Consider shopping online for a wedding dress. If you know your size and what styles you like this is a great way to save money on your wedding dress.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Which Prom Dress Fits your Body Type?

Prom might be the biggest event of your high school life, and whether you’re dreading it or can’t wait for it to arrive, one thing is for sure; you need the perfect dress for the occasion. There are all types of body types in this world, and just because you don’t like all your features, doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect prom dress that will look breathtaking on you. Here are a few body types and the dresses that work best on them:

Prom Dress

Pear Shaped
Pear shaped body types are heavier at the bottom, and so need a dress that helps even things out by accentuating the upper body and minimizing the lower. Go for something that is fitted from the waist up and flares out into a retro tulle skirt down below.

Rectangular shaped bodies are boyish with little or no curves, and so the perfect dress would be fitted in at the waist, possibly with a belt. Be sure to not use too much fabric. Also, a great way to create the illusion of curves is to color block with different colors at the top and bottom.

These are blessed body types which look good in almost everything. However, they should flaunt their god-gifted shape with form-fitting dresses, especially at the torso such as a mermaid style dress. Don’t go for something too flowy or loose-fitted as this would hide your perfect figure.

Petite shaped women should never cover up too much. Since you are already small-framed, you might get lost in all that fabric. Go for something short, delicate and clingy and brings out your feminine style.

Apple Shaped
An empire waist works best for apple shaped women as it accentuates the bust and flairs out below. If you have nice legs, go for something till the knee or slightly below, and show off your arms and shoulders to break the abundant flowing fabric.

The beauty of fashion is in finding the style that best suits you and makes you look your best. It is all about hiding your flaws and accentuating the good stuff. Especially when you shop for a dress online, you should know your body type so you can look for the styles that best suit your body.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Which Color Should your Homecoming Dress Be?

Finding the perfect homecoming dress can give some of us a fair amount of stress. Some girls just know what their heart wants, but others have to spend days searching for women’s dresses online or going through catalogues to find that one perfect dress. However, even before you look for a perfect style, you have to decide what color you will wear. Going with latest trends can make you look like 50 other girls at school, and it might not even bring out the best in you. So you should go a different, more personal direction by asking yourself the following questions:

Homecoming Dress

What’s my hair color?
You hair color can be a good place to start when deciding a color, as your mane should complement the color you done. If you have bright gold hair, you can look sultry in bright red, orange, royal blue, and emerald green. Redheads look great in emerald green, sapphire, and some lighter, more washed out colors such as ivory, mocha or beige which bring out the fiery hues of their hair. Brunettes are luckier as they can get away with any color, and look great in saturated colors from lighter pinks, sea greens and corals to lavenders, purples and blues.

What’s your skin like?
Hair color does not work alone though. Your skin matters a lot, and while some colors would make you look fresh and healthy, others can dull you up and make you look washed out. It’s difficult to categorize skin tones as there are so many with such intricate differences. The best bet is to try stuff on and give it a lot of time and testing. It is not as easy as saying tanned=cool colors or pale=dark colors; there always that one color out there that makes your features spring out and your beauty shine.

What kind of makeup are you planning?
Sometimes you can work backwards and think of the latest makeup trends you want to try out. Certain makeup styles look better on certain colors while other suits a larger variety of hues. A smoky eye might be overkill for a bright red dress which would look better with a subdued eye and bright red lips. However, smoky eyes would look fab on sapphires and other deep and rich blues.

If nothing else works
If the day is near and you still can’t decide, there are always the classics. Black and white never fail to impress and look anyone and everyone look great. You can also think of the jewelry you might want to wear and if it is any particular color you can go from there. But most of all, don’t fret. Make a fun activity of it and have a few shopping excursions and online exploring sessions with your friends, as this should be a happy and exciting time in your life and you should enjoy it to the fullest!